Endress + Hauser: The Right Instrumentation for your Environment

The well service and drilling industries operate in the harshest climates on the planet, from the brutal cold to the searing heat. Endress + Hauser equipment continues to lead the way in reliability in these harsh environments. Our equipment is on thousands of trucks. Streamline has often had the honor of working with Endress R&D to test the latest equipment to make sure that works in these conditions.


Streamline’s founder, has over 40 years in instrumentation experience in almost every industry, with over 20 years in oil and gas. Streamline has focused on helping our customers to design their equipment to ensure accurate measurement.


Streamline ensures that our customers get the instrumentation they require. Our customers are large with many geographical locations, and requests for instrumentation are not always consistent. Due to our close relationship with our customers, we know what they need, even when the field operations do not. By ensuring consistency, we make sure that you are more efficient and can spend more time doing what you do best. Streamline also carries inventory of the highest volume items to reduce delivery times for our customers.

ISO 9001/ API Spec Q1 and Q2

Since the BP Macondo blowout, there has been increasing pressure on the well servicing and drilling industries. Action on this has taken form from the API in the Spec Q1 and Q2, which represent a comprehensive quality assurance and quality control protocol which shares similarities with a ISO program. From an instrumentation perspective, we have been working with our customers to develop a cost effective and efficient program.

The latest instrumentation from Endress and Hauser has an option called Heartbeat Technology™ which provides continuous self-monitoring as well as the ability to produce verification documentation that the instrumentation is working within specifications. Streamline also has the ability to provide verification for Endress + Hauser equipment without Heartbeat Technology™.

In conjunction with our Procentec product line, you can configure your instrumentation remotely, monitor your bus health, and pull the verification documentation remotely all without disturbing your operations.


Streamline provides custom training seminars. Let us know what we can create for you.


We provide service for all your Endress + Hauser instrumentation. We can provide this locally at our shop or we can travel to your location to help you.